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100wc [ The Adventure]

Tom and Moby went on a journey to find the golden sword. It was hidden in the jungle. They had no idea what or who

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100wc by Jessa

Tim and Moby had gone round and round the immortal forest for two days whilst some annoying cheeky animals circle around them stealing their precious food!

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Something whistled. Something moved. Something

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100wc-week 26

“Yay! it’s

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100wc-week 25-by Jessa

As I stumbled over to the doctor in pain, he

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100wc – I forgot it was today

I wasn’t ready. The drout came. The warnings were everywhere. The scientists were right. I should’ve got myself ready. I didn’t. Now I’m going to thirst to death. I’m miles away from anyone. It’s going to be hot. The crops … Continue reading

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White Spider by Tom[100word challenge]

One upon a time, as I walked across the street, I could see a white spider which lay on the pavement. I could see that it had a broken leg.Straight away I knew that I should give it to my … Continue reading

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100wc challenge

“Hooray it’s my birthday. I hope everyone remembered and planed something happy and lucky.” Mina said excitedly. In a hurry,

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My day[100word challenge]by Tom

Once upon a time as I walked to work, I spotted a man who lay on a bench.I could see that he was very ill.I walked up to him and I asked “How can I help you?”. Then the man … Continue reading

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The white spider (100 Word Challenge)

I always hated spiders until now. I had always called the exterminator whenever I saw

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