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The Selfish Giant

Dear diary, Today I realised that becoming unselfish is feeling free happy and excited. It is like walking through a field of eternity, filled with vibrant colours. Children playing with each other, they sang along with the birds, played with … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge

“Finally we found our boat! Now we can go back home!”yelled Tim happily. “Hooray!”shouted Moby. They sat inside the speedy boat and set out to the stunning horizon. “I’m so happy that were going back home and that were going … Continue reading

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Music Box (Flashback)

Natalie walked up the creaking stairs. She knew she was going to discover something new. She felt the wind from the attic flow towards her. Natalie needed to find where the ballet equipment was. She had to hurry if she … Continue reading

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Funny Animals

Anthony the Antelope Norman the Newt Iggy the Iguana Mandy the Mole Archy the Armadillo Lily the Lion Sam the Snail

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Fantasy meets reality

Hi my name is Pel, I am a creature from the world of fantasy. Today I will show you how it’s like here, in school, on the streets, and at home. When I wake up I can only see my … Continue reading

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Bones-100 wc

Dry bones squashed in a ball. What are they for? How did they get there? Most importantly whose are they ? A

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S weet or sour W atermelon flavour …Yum… E clear …Creamy… E aster egg

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Excitement is…

Excitement is cartwheeling into a deep freezing pool. Excitement is climbing a towering mountain. Excitement is gliding peacefully on the snow. Excitement is you wanting to explode. Excitement is swimming in a warm turquoise sea. Excitement is swimming with dolphins.

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F uschia L ily O rchid W isteria E rica R ose S un flowers  

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My Day

15th February was a very good day because me, Jessa, Julia and Olivia went to the cinema, to watch Alvin and the chipmunks chipwrecked. We went there with Olivia

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