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100wc challenge

“Hooray it’s my birthday. I hope everyone remembered and planed something happy and lucky.” Mina said excitedly. In a hurry,  Mina got dressed and raced down the stairs to find a note on the table. Clearly Mina read the paper. … Continue reading

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100wc challege

As I picked the juicy strawberry from its delicate stem I wiped the sweat of my boiling head. It was harvest season and my family were getting ready for the winter. “Howdy June. Hows the strawberry picking going.” Wondered Jack. “Very good. We should Finish at sun down.”  Answered … Continue reading

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100wc challenge

On the days of the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs were healthy and happy. The Mums and Dads cared about their children. One day the dinosaurs were searching for food. They spotted a few men doing some research on some plants. The … Continue reading

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