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My day

Today I woke up really happy because I knew that it was going to be a wonderful day. When I woke up I started to get ready for school. After I brushed my teeth and put on my shoes, I … Continue reading

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The power cut day

One day I

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My poem for my little baby brother

When you came out the hole world stared, Although you have a heart problem you

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Blogging helps me write by improving my writing and helping me to write stronger and powerful sentences. It helps me with my punctuation and it makes me proud about myself. It also makes my work stand out and it makes … Continue reading

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A best friend

A best friend is someone who is there for you and if you feel left out of something your friend will be there for you. A best friend is also someone that helps you in your life for example if … Continue reading

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(100 WC)

One day I was walking through the amazing bright park where the sun was shining on my face. Everyone was smiling everyone loved the day. I saw so many children playing with a smile on there faces. I said to … Continue reading

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The boy that was all alone

One day there was a 10 year old boy called Josh and he was playing his favourite video game that his dad got him before he left. One day Josh got really stuck on one part of the game, he … Continue reading

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The wish bone (100 word challenge)

One day I went to the museum I saw

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Anger is….

Anger is when your heart explodes, Anger is your heart full of destructive energy, Anger is like a fireball in your heart burning you slowly, Anger is a hammer breaking your poor heart, Anger is like someone is piercing your … Continue reading

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