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Goodbye St. Paul’s!

Soon, our year six class will be leaving the school to move on to secondary. I would like to thank all the teachers and assistants and cooks and all the staff as well as the government and anybody who has … Continue reading

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The Number Rhyme

Once we go, Twice again, Third time lucky, Fourth Big Ben, Sixth is the stadium, Seventh is the hen, Eight is nine, And nine is ten!  

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My set of fun activities

Put these jumbled up letters into the correct word again (I’ll give you the first letter of each word) 1. bulejm- J

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Snow White and the Huntsman

Yesterday, I went to the cinema to see ‘Snow White and the Hunstman’. This is the first ever film that made me cry and that sucked me in completely. When you hear the words Snow White, you automatically think about … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Desmond Tiny

Dear Mr Desmond Tiny, I know you don’t read a lot, but I would be really grateful if you could read this letter from me. I can guarantee you that

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A Horrible Camp

Something was wrong. Something was ringing. But what could be ringing in the mountains? As Alex opened his eyes, he realised that the ringing was his watch. But it

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Dear Diary, Today something amazing happened! I found my sister! It was at the auditions to You Can Dance, a program, when after my five minutes she came on. I just recognised her like that! I stood there and watched … Continue reading

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Something whistled. Something moved. Something

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My Philosophy- Is Nothing Something?

Is nothing something? It’s really hard to explain… Let’s see if you can make any sense of what I think. I think that nothing is something. For example, if you sit at home doing nothing you are doing something- you … Continue reading

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My Philosophy- Boxing

Today, I would like to talk about boxing. I think boxing is a cruel and hard sport which destroys the lives of people. Boxing is such a rough sport- people are trained to punch and kick their opponents. That is … Continue reading

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