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My Philosophy- When you look into a mirror… who are you really?

Mirrors usually reflect things. So what do we see when we look into a mirror? Well, the answer is quite simple- we see ourselves. But is it really that same person who we see? The mirror reflects our image- it … Continue reading

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Can you see a similarity?

Have you ever tried to sing a song and write down its words as you’re singing it? You can’t slow down or make a pause so that you can record the words properly, just write them as you sing best … Continue reading

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My Philosophy- What’s there after death?

I was always wondering how it is when you die. What’s next? What’s after death? Since I’m a Christian, I believe that when we die, we go to heaven and live with Jesus in peace and harmony forever. But how … Continue reading

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The End

When the wind stops blowing, And the sun doesn’t rise, When the trees will be dead, When there

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My Laptop

Last week, my dad went away to an island somewhere far away from us and he took our laptop with him. So we didn’t have it for one whole week- and I can’t live without our laptop. Well, we did … Continue reading

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Are computer games good for children?

There has been a hot debate about whether computer games are good or bad for children. Both sides have really strong arguments and really strong opposing views. Some people think that computer games are good for children. Firstly, most people … Continue reading

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The doorbell rang again. Kelly rolled her eyes. Monica

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100 word challenge

I dashed out of the house. I knew something wasn’t right. I halted upon my doorstep and listened intently. The air around me was hot and dry, yet also damp at the same time. The sky was a dull grey … Continue reading

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Then why?

Long ago there was a girl called Camilla. Camilla was really smart and pretty- she also had many talents. Lots of people liked her and she had many friends. She was kind and funny- some say she was just perfect. … Continue reading

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I won’t forget

Memories can be painful. Really painful. But they can also be happy. They can be painful and happy at the same time. I’ll tell you a story of a girl who had just a memory like that. Angela walked out … Continue reading

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