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The weather changed for the worst (100 Word Challenge )

I looked outside the window, the weather was shining bright and

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The forbidden bones

My mind is like a maze full of doors, each door leading to different dreams. A strange door appeared in my dream world, it was black and dusty.

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Candle [Creative writing]

It burns with fire, it burns with love.

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Rubella Virus

Rubella is a disease which causes rashes on the skin. The disease is caused by a virus called the Rubella virus, Rubella is also called the German Measles Even though Rubella is not usually deadly, when a women is pregnant … Continue reading

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The Vikings The Vikings aren’t like you or me they’re now what’s called history they used long boats to tragvel the sea, to them life was a mystery.   Vikings wore thin leather boots their shirts wre made of woven … Continue reading

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