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My Day(new)

Today was a great day. In the morning, we went to church and celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It was a long but very good mass. After that finished, my family went to a Chinese restaurant with great food, for … Continue reading

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The Garden’s future

20 years past, The children who once played in the garden, Told their wonderful story, Now to their own children, The Garden never aged or changed, Still full of blossoming beauty, Because of the love, that was shared from genaration … Continue reading

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Why do I blog?

Blogging for me is a passion. I can write anything that pops into my head. My thoughts and my feelings. I do not have to follow one piece of writing. I can do whatever I like to do on it. … Continue reading

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FOOTBALL Z7 (part 1)

John was watching a Football match. It wasn’t any old match it was an Z7 match. A Z7 match had a 3D field were you could climb walls and score goals upside down. ” I WANNA BE A Z7 FOOTBALL … Continue reading

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Dear diary After all that hunting and camping in the horrid jungle, me and Moby found our treasure. We were already in the deep dark ends of the jungle, not knowing our way out to the city. We , knowing … Continue reading

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Today was the big day. The day where the champions league final was on. Me and my Dad had finally got tickets. The last tickets. I wanted the day to rush to 7:00pm in the evening so I could finally … Continue reading

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The wind

The winds strength, Blowing down the trees, Everlasting wind making a cool breeze, Never resting always suggesting To flow all around the area,

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MY DAY (Series 2)

My day was good. Nothing bad in particular. In the morning I felt a bit tired. Maybe it was because it was Monday. Usually on Mondays I would feel a bit tired so it was not really abnormal for me … Continue reading

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I gazed into the sky. It was another of those hot days. I couldn’t stand the heat. It was too much and I wanted more rain than sun. I kept washing my face with cold water. It didn’t work. The … Continue reading

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My weekend. I’m really looking forward to this weekend because I am going to spend my time blogging and doing my work. Usually I wouldn’t really do a lot of work but the S.A.T.S is coming and I need to … Continue reading

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