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100 word challenge

The bowl of huge bones were found from underground. The mud and dirt were washed off them. They were now shiny like stars in the night skies. They covered and protected the bones with a glass vase. No one can … Continue reading

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The promised land (part 1)

“I will prepare a place for you,” spoke God. “This place will be beautiful where it flows with milk and honey.” “It will never rain for there will always be light.” “You will have a

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Peace is …..

Peace is lying in a meadow of flowers, Peace is relaxing in an illuminated house, Peace is standing in the cool breeze that blows across my face gently, Peace is a time with no war or violence, Peace is praying … Continue reading

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Light in the dark (creative wrighting candle)

Darkness was all around him. His heart was

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Chicken pox (information and facts)

Chickenpox is are big red ichty

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Night in Tabago

Fireflies lightenig the night, wow it’s so bright, flying around in the air, dashing lights everywhere, gleaming moon shining bright, it’s a round yellow light, distant blue mountains tall and nice, I feel relaxed at it’s beatiful sight, long damp … Continue reading

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World war 2

I was a little baby, small and can’t see, oh how terrible this can be, in my mother’s arms I lie, but everyone else will die, bang the gunships go, oh how quick the boat

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