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I gazed out into the sky. The clouds were darkening. The sea roared with anger as if it was being awakened form the dead.” Captain, captain, what shall we do. Give me orders.”For once the captain was speechless. The weather … Continue reading

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100wc by Obinna

Out of the clear blue sky, swarms of meteorites

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The lonely girl

My mum died. Her final words were,”Good bye.” She left me, all by myself, all alone with nothing to eat, but it wasn’t her fault. She had to die. I was all alone in this lonely forest, trying to survive … Continue reading

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Hope is a flickering candle in the gloomy darkness, Hope is a sigh of

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Lights out (creative writing 3)

“pew pew. your going down evil robots!” he exclaimed to the screen.

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The lonely forest

My name is John and

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The black hole

“Ahhh,”Elizabeth screamed. An unordinary breeze struck the room. Papers flew in the air like hovering birds. The pressure crushing the air, making it thinner and thinner. The gate swung open. Clink clank clink. The unstable wind was pulling her closer.”Stop,” … Continue reading

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ways to send messages in past

Birds: The homing pigeons were sent in the war to give out letters. This was a clever idea because soldiers couldn’t see the pigeons delivering the mail. Homing means that they always returned to were they belonged to. Research has … Continue reading

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The darkness of the night surrounded the perverted trees. Total silence filled the air. Sinister shadows ran through the brick wall. High-pitched echo’s bounced on the walls. The hard creamy moon gave a dirty look. Peace was ruled out in … Continue reading

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I was sad at home. Incredibly sad. It was quiet, so quiet. I missed her voice, her sweet,sweet voice. Every morning i would wake up and listen for her voice, but all

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