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Fear is….

Fear is a volcano about to let its sweltering rocks. Fear is an earpiercing breath of a spine-chilling ghost. Fear is a ferocious animal going to eat your insides.  Fear is facing a brutal bull in a metal cage. Fear is you watching … Continue reading

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Bones (100 WC)

Today I am going to close the gates of my dad’s museum. But my dad had other plans for me. He said we will have a mini tour around the museum. Later on, we set off to the museum. Afterwards, everybody left the building. I … Continue reading

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Information on Rubella

For most normal poeple Rubella is a very rarely serious disease. But it is not for woman who are pregnant.These babies may be born deaf or blind. This disease is common for four to nine years old. Rubella causes  red rashes, … Continue reading

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Santa’s little helper

“What exceptional day,” exclaimed Santa as he jumped down the chimney of this years Christmas. As Santa stood up he saw lots of dazzling and vibrant colours flashing! Santa loved the decorations everywhere and he didn’t want to end the … Continue reading

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