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Dancing Memories

He was there. All alone in his brothers room,watching a gentle breeze brush the wind chimes. Dean was lonely. He had nobody since his brother had recently

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Today is school and I am so glad it is a friday sothat I can stay up late and relax in my bed feeling the relaxing wind brush against my smooth skin. My cousins are coming over this weekend. I … Continue reading

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100 word challenge

As I picked

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Light of jesus

Light of Jesus. The light of Jesus. Come out and bring

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I love you

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Love is …

Love is a mother and daughter reading a story together. Love is a woman and a man becoming husband and wife. Love is God’s love engulfing us with care. Love is not just love. Love is God’s love surrounding us … Continue reading

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Chicken Pox

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Excitement is…

Excitement is red roses bursting to blossom. Excitement is a volcano ready to erupt. Excitement is blowing out your birthday candles. Excitement is a newborn baby laughing for the first time. Excitement is a cub going on its first hunt. … Continue reading

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