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The Girl Who Lost Belief

  Karen was a fantastic runner. She had beaten everyone in her class at racing in the playground. Karen went to the racing track everyday after school to do laps around the track. “Tomorrow is the try out for the … Continue reading

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Do Games Disturb The Human Brain

In our class we have been deciding whether games should or shouldn’t be aloud. There have been different debates about this discussion. Some people believe that computer games are good for the brain. Firstly games are good for your finger’s accuracy and … Continue reading

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Steps To Finding Out What The Lines On A Measuring Jug Are

Success criteria Step 1: Find the difference between the two marks you know. Example: 200-100= 100 Step 2: Count the spaces.Example: 5 spaces Step 3: Divide the difference and the spaces.Example:100 divided by 5=20.  

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